Going freelance

I’m relaunching this blog in 2017 as I’m also starting a freelance writer page, Alison Murray writer! https://www.facebook.com/alymurraywriter/

I’m looking for work in blog posts, academic work, English to Indonesian translation and vice versa, editing, proofreading, dramaturgy, indexing, ghostwriting and etc. – see my page and LinkedIn profile.

Updates are that the APNSW work I was talking about in 2013 was published as http://www.nswp.org/…/SUSO%20Asia%20Pacific%20Report_Oct2014

More regular exciting posts to follow….


Backlist Below a bibliography of most of my published work, or at least disseminated work, in the case of the tattoo studies. Topics: Queer geography, urban sexual subcultures, shifting marginality, functional conflict, community anarchy, sex work politics, Indonesia, PNG, tattoos … Continue reading

August 6

August 6,

it’s a beautiful day in Sydney [and warmer than London, does that seem right?], meanwhile tsunami-broken nuclear reactors are now pissing radiation into the Pacific off the coast of Japan…


There used to be peace marches on this day in memory of the unparalleled destruction and death caused by an atom bomb at the end of the Pacific War 68 years ago. We seem to have forgotten already – does it matter?


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